Whom We Serve

Generational Financial Partners serves individuals, families and businesses of all kinds. We specialize in helping affluent families and growing businesses plan for continued success and steward the resources that success brings. If you want to pass a legacy down the stream of generations, you need to have plans in place to help you get though the rapids.

When it comes to individual clients, we strive to deliver the same high quality of care to all who come through our doors. We also have areas of emphasis. We have developed specialties in dealing with:

  • Business owners: Business owners confront questions the rest of us do not, such as business succession planning. As a business owner, you are responsible not only for your own family but for your employees and, by extension, for the families their income sustains. Let us work with you to make sure your employees, as well as your own assets, are guarded and poised for growth.
  • Executives: Executives have achieved professional success and are often looking for guidance in how best to steward their success for their children, their grandchildren, and even generations beyond. Generational Financial Partners is focused on the long term. We would like to help you lay the groundwork for growing success for yourself and your family.
  • Physicians: Physicians face unique financial circumstances, typically with high income but similarly high expenses and levels of debt. With countless relationships with physicians, we understand these circumstances well and are adept at crafting solutions that make sense for physicians young and old.

We also develop working partnerships with other advisors, such as other CPAs and attorneys, so that we can work together to provide a comprehensive suite of financial services and solutions for their clients and ours. Please contact us if you would like to explore such a partnership.